When you just can’t wait.

The best way to get Expert Live Xero Support is to book a session in advance.  But sometimes you just need help right now!!

Our PREMIUM Live Xero Support Service is available for just that event.

This service costs US$25 for 10 minutes  (or part thereof; + HST/GST in Canada if applicable). Your credit card will be authorized for $150 but we will not charge your card until the conclusion of the support call.  If you want, we will also send you an invoice (from Xero, of course).  If an operator is not available or we can’t help you then your card will not be charged and your credit card authorization will automatically expire in 7 days..

The steps are as follows:

  1. Click in the Live Chat box below and give us your details.
  2. We will confirm that someone is available to assist you (sometime we are busy)
  3. Complete the payment form below and let us know when you have done this.
    Please note that this is an authorisation only – you card will not be billed until after our call.
  4. We will connect to your computer and talk to you through the computer or call you on the phone.

Please note that the form below is an in-line frame to a secure page.  If you would prefer to use the page directly click here.