Is Xero right for my business?

Yes, we truly are xealots for Xero.  But we acknowledge that Xero is not ideal for every business.  And some businesses may need the use of add-on products to get the best experience.

It frustrates us when we see people who have converted over to Xero and are now mad because they realise that there is something that was a MUST HAVE that they now can’t do.  We think that it’s far better to do an honest evaluation up front before heading down the track!

We also realise that you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars (or the equivalent in time) investigating a system only to decide that it won’t work for you.

So we’ve made it easy.  We charge a simple fee of US$75 for a one hour evaluation (that’s half our regular hourly fee!!).  We will send you a questionnaire that you will complete before your phone consultation.  Then we will discuss it and give you honest and fair feedback on how well Xero will fit your business needs.  If you need more than that we can discuss a consulting arrangement.

And to make it even better, if you decide to go with Xero we will give you a credit of 100% of the money paid for the initial evaluation towards our setup services or other consultancy services.

And, we might also be able to save you money on your Xero account by suggesting a package that is not available to the public if this is suitable to your business needs.

It’s a small price to pay for a world-class Xero Guru to give it to you straight.  It could save your hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours of frustration!